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I am an Animation Director / Producer, and a Visual Effects Supervisor.


Amir Saharkhiz

Animation Director & Visual Effects Supervisor

Growing up in Tehran watching animation movies on 8 mm film strips, I developed a passion for animation from childhood and started it when I was 13 drawing on self-made flipbooks!
In 1998, I started my professional career as an animator in TV series and commercials and directed my first short film in 2001.
I co-founded ROASHANA Studios in 2002, an award-winning animation, visual effects, and post-production company.
Since 2013 I am the president of the Iranian Animation Guild. I am an occasional Jury Member and lecturer in film festivals and have had numerous workshops about animation in different events.
I live in Tehran, IRAN and spend my spare time teaching animation, reading, watching musicals and drinking as many cups of coffee I can!

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What I am


The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

President of “Animation Guild of Iran”


Representing Iranian Animators

As a labor organization, the Animation Guild of Iran represents animation artists and try to support them by negotiating wage minimums and working conditions, providing health benefits, and act as an advocate for its members over disputes between employees and employers. The goal is to provide a seamless cloak of benefits and the strength of a collective voice to our members across the animation industry. You can check the Animation Guild of Iran website for more information: www.animationguild.ir

Co-founder, Animation Director and VFX Supervisor at “ROASHANA Studios”


Creative Artistry, Technical Excellence

ROASHANA Studios is one of the leading visual effects, animation, color grading, and film post-production studios based in Tehran, Iran. With a handful of highly acclaimed films from Iranian top directors, ROASHANA has been providing a full suite of post-production services including editing, sound design, visual effects, color grading, and film restoration. ROASHANA is an award-winning and artist-driven international studio known for its creativity. We service high-end feature film, commercial, television, games and motion graphics clients in the global marketplace. For more information visit the studio website: www.roashana.com. Services include:
    • Animation
    • Visual Effects
    • Color Grading
    • Film Restoration
    • Mastering
    • Sound Design

University Teacher at “Sooreh”


Directing Animation

I have been teaching Animation Directing for 7 years now. Honestly, I was not sure what it felt like, but now I love it. I do not necessarily fit in the classic image of a college professor (because I am not one!) but I love the way I can not only teach in such position but can also learn a lot from it. Believe it or not, this has been the most rewarding job I have ever had! Visit the university website here: en.soore.ac.ir

What i do


Creativity takes courage

  • Director
  • Writer
  • Producer


Animation is my passion! I love every moment of an animation project, from the moment the idea pops into my head, to development, writing the first draft, scrapping the first draft, writing more and more, character and environment design, storyboarding, animating, editing, sound and music design, and watching the final product on screen. I specialize in short animation, tv-series and commercials with a wide range of different technics, from hand-drawn 2D to cut-out and 3D animation.

  • Research / Development
  • On-Set Supervision
  • Production / Coordination

Visual Effects

I started visual effects since the first 3D softwares were used for animation in Iran. I have won Iranian festivals top awards for my works on visual effects in different movies. Some of my works include Asghar Farhadi's Academy Award-winning "A Separation" and Reza Mirkarimi's "A Cube of Sugar". I won the Crystal Simorgh for "Greetings to Angels", a children movie directed by Farzad Azhdari in 2012, and Iranian Cinema House Award for "Leila's Dream" in 2007.  

  • Production
  • Social Media
  • Marketing


Social networks are now growing more rapidly than ever, making other types of advertising look obsolete. Since the popularity of these new media broadcasting services, I have written, directed and produced a lot of animation web series for different clients and helped these animations go viral. However, TV broadcast channels and VOD websites are still a great platform to find old and new audiences, and that also includes most of my work.

  • Motion Graphics
  • Brand Identity
  • UI / UX

Motion Design

If you think an image is worth a thousand words, then just imagine what a moving image would do! During the past few years, motion graphics have become an essential tool for business owners, organizations and startup companies to convey their goals, products, and make powerful explainer videos. Modern media platforms support video and visitors prefer information to be delivered in such forms.

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Without labor, nothing prospers