The Miany Family
The Miany Family!

The Miany Family!

The story of a family of five. Oh! and a fish...

They are not special! But they are the Miany family!

The Miany family is a group of five unique people! Khosrow the happy-go-lucky father, Shirin the mindful yet furious mother, Salar the wannabe singer and the eldest son, Aylar the introvert daughter, and Soroosh the youngest child. Oh! Don’t forget about 85! The Fish!

The story revolves around the Miany family members and their experience through modern life and the way technology and social networks has changed every aspect of that.

In each episode, we see a new side of the way people’s life and communication has changed because of the smartphones, tablets, websites, applications, and in general: Social Network!

  • Category : Animation
  • Date : January 10, 2019
  • Client : Naji Honar
  • Duration : 13 x 3'