I dreamed that...
I dreamed that…

I dreamed that...

The older you get, the harder it becomes to remember your dreams.

I dreamed that

Every great dream, begins with a Dreamer!

“I dreamed that…” is a 2D animated mini-series based on real-life voices from kids around the world who start to talk about the dreams they usually have. In each of the 3-minute episodes, the viewer encounters a visual conception of the dream, creating a colorful world and an exceptional experience of what is going on in a child’s mind.

Researchers have noted that dream recall tends to improve steadily throughout childhood — possibly because those dreams are recalled again and again as tools to help with waking life. But that starts changing during puberty, as the role of REM sleep in the sleep cycle begins to shrink. In the teenage years, dreams are often similarly vivid and formative, grappling with quintessentially teenage themes of identity and sexuality, but there are fewer of them; as childhood moves into adulthood, sleep becomes less deep, and dreaming a less prominent part of it.

Hearing a little kid describe their dream can be a funny, silly, entertaining experience; hearing about an adult acquaintance’s dream can feel like sitting through a slideshow of their vacation photos. When the dreamer is a grown-up, we just don’t care as much — and so, over time, remembering becomes less of a priority

  • Category : Animation
  • Duration : 52 x 3’
  • Status : Early Stage