A woman suspected of murder flees to an Armenian village with her young daughter in tow...

The Complete Stranger.

Yeva is a young woman who escapes her influential in-laws with her daughter Nareh, after her husband’s tragic death and takes refuge in one of the villages of Karabakh, Azerbaijan – Yeva is a complete stranger in this village and is obliged to live her daily life in disguise.

Yeva was the Armenian cinema official representative in Oscars.




Yeva is written and directed by Anahid Abad stars Narine Grigoryan, Shant Hovhannisyan, Marjan Avetisyan. I was in charge of VFX production and color grading was also done in ROASHANA Studios.

  • Category : Visual Effects
  • Date : January 3, 2017
  • Director : Anahid Abad
  • Starring : Narine Grigoryan, Shant Hovhannisyan, Marjan Avetisyan